Getting young London moving

TfL’s STARS accreditation scheme inspires young Londoners to think differently about travel and its impact on their health, wellbeing and the environment.

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A healthier and safer London...

Each year STARS schools replace 13 million miles’ worth of car journeys with walking, cycling and scooting!

Become a STARS accredited school to:

  • 1
    Reduce congestion
  • 2
    Improve road safety
  • 3
    Improve health and wellbeing

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What others said

“STARS is definitely making things more exciting and has made cycling more popular at the school. Initially we had one or two students who cycled to school, now there’s a lot more.”

Maree O’Neill – School Travel Advisor – Villiers High School, Ealing

“The main thing is to make active travel fun and anything that the STARS scheme can help us with to promote that is absolutely great… We were trying to do all the right things before, but it’s just given us that little incentive to make it even better.”

Judith Hibbs – Travel Plan Coordinator – Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School

“I used to come by car all the time, but now I find it’s a lot quicker cycling. I used to end up getting out of the car and running to school to make it on time because the traffic was so far down the road.”

Pupil and bikers’ breakfast participant, Coopers’ Company and Coborn Secondary School, Havering